The Bremen No. 1 from Sweden is the best sounding, most musically correct digital to analog converter available for compact disc playback.

If you like the Forsell Air Reference converter, you'll really enjoy the Bremen No. 1!
Here's why:

The Forsell Air Reference and Bremen No. 1 digital to analog converters share a similar circuit design. Where they differ is in their final voicing through fine tuning with careful component selection.

Listening to the Bremen No. 1 will change your reference of how a CD can sound. Never before have you heard CDs with such life-like vocal presence, instrument tonality, and dynamics!


Delta-Sigma 1-bit digital converter

All discrete class A analog circuitry

Proprietary constant current loop power supply circuitry

Primary power supply on separate circuit board and isolated from audio circuitry

Large toroidal power transformer

S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs

All copper chassis

WBT output connectors

U.S. Retail Price: $7500 Discontinued



The predecessor to the Bremen, called the Licence, was rated "World's Best" in Hi-Fi & Musik magazine.

Below is the review:

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English translated highlights coming soon.

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