DNA Stellaris vacuum tube headphone amplifier

What began as an idea in July 2009 is finally a dream come true: Introducing the Stellaris 2A3 vacuum tube headphone amplifier. The Stellaris features bespoke Audio Note UK output transformers and Duelund CAST capacitors, both regarded as the best in the world, for an unparalleled listening experience. Every component is painstakenly selected by ear for the ultimate in sound quality and synergy working together. The result: Greater clarity, resolution, layering, dynamics, punch, slam, and authority. Hear all of the subtle nuances of an instrument being played and inflections in a singer's voice which makes each performance and recording special.

The Stellaris is offered in 2 versions:

2 pairs unbalanced RCA inputs

1 pair balanced XLR and 1 pair unbalanced RCA inputs. The balanced inputs are accommodated through custom Audio Note UK balanced input transformers - the best available.

Design features include:

• Purist class A single ended triode design

• Output transformers custom made to DNA's specifications in England by Audio Note UK

• Flat and extended frequency response with very low distortion

• Zero feedback or other error correction trickery
Triodes are naturally low distortion when operated into a high impedance load such as a transformer with proper specifications. They do not require feedback to attain low distortion.

• Point-to-point hand wired audio circuitry using carefully selected audiophile components

• Quasi-dual mono power supply with separate filter chokes and capacitors for left and right channels

• Dual 3-pin & 4-pin XLR and 1/4" stereo TRS outputs

• All XLR and 1/4" TRS outputs provide the same power: 1.8W into 50 ohms, 900mW into 100 ohms

• 4-pin XLR output can be used with all headphones - not just the K1000 only. I labeled it "K1000" in honor of the legendary headphone which was the inspiration for developing the Stratus.

• XLR outputs are selectable between unbalanced (single ended) and balanced headphone drive

• XLR outputs have 8 ohm output impedance

• 1/4" stereo TRS output has selectable gain attenuation between 0dB and -6dB for greater volume control range on higher sensitivity headphones

• 1/4" stereo TRS output on full gain, 0dB attenuation setting has selectable output impedance between 8 ohm (Low setting) and 120 ohm (IEC setting)

• 1/4" stereo TRS outut on -6dB gain attenuation setting has selectable output impedance between 3 ohm (Low setting) and 115 ohm (IEC setting)

• Audio signal tubes are DC heated and 2A3 tubes include nulling pots for the quietest noise floor

• Balanced choke-filtered 2A3 filament supplies provide a deep black background and outstanding layering

• Input selection via rear toggle switch

• TKD volume control potentiometer

• Tube complement:

6N1P input/driver tube
2A3 directly-heated power triodes
5U4G directly-heated rectifier tube

Input impedance: 50Kohms

Dimensions: 8.5 " H x 17" W x 14 " D (21.6cm H x 43.2cm W x 35.6cm D) including tubes and connectors & controls.

Mains voltage: 100/110/120/220/230/240V factory configurable

DNA Stellaris headphone amplifiers are proudly made in California from the finest components available.

Listener comments:

"As a current Stratus owner who loves that amp with the 800s, all I can say is that the Stellaris takes the 800s's to a whole nother level!!!"

"The Stellaris, over the Stratus offers much better dynamics, both large (macro) and small (micro). This gives the amp more 'speed' over the Stratus. It is DEAD silent. With the Utopia's I can turn the volume to max and I hear absolutely nothing. There is a large increase in detail over the Stratus. Separation is better and the sound stage seems more deliverate in that the images are more focused and less diffused. The low end is tighter and more solid sounding on the Stellaris. What hasn't changed over the Stratus? The over tonality and texture. The fingerprint of the Stratus is still there. You hear the term 'house sound' thrown around a lot. DNA has a 'house sound' (I suppose) and the Stellaris is right in line with what Stratus owners have grown to love."

"Stellaris is my preferred amp for clarity & definition, speed, features, and general 'hi-res' listening. Its the most versatile in that you can swap out the tubes and shift the sound palette without losing the speed and tonality. Make it warmer, lusher, etc. Most of my headphones sound their best of it and I have yet to hear it actively make any of them sound worse."

"The first thing that strikes me is how clean the Stellaris sounds. It resolves perfectly every last bit of information in songs where the Stratus can get confused on fast passed stuff with lots and lots of detail.
Bass extends lower and is flat from subbass to upped bass. The Stratus is has less sub bass and more mid bass with less control. I never had an instance where the Stellaris didn't have anything but the right amount of bass. Stratus is hit and miss on some songs where the increased mid bass can be good or bad.
Tone is bang on the same.
Soundstage is wider and deeper with better placement and pin point accuracy. Because of this I've heard subtle instruments on familiar tracks not present in the Stratus. A super faint voice somewhere in the background that I couldn't hear before for example.
Same amount of mid/highs balance.
Increased blackness and the quietest amp I've owned
Stellaris is faster and never looses composure.
The best treble extension I've heard from any amp. You'll never hear more delicate, detailed or lifelike cymbals."

"Having owned the Stellaris close to a year now I can say it's above the Stratus in shear musical enjoyment. I've owned a few TOTL amps(GSX-MK2,WA5,Moon 600i,Liquid Glass,Stratus,Apex Teton, Apex Peak etc.) and all of them are a level or two below with the Teton being the closest even against the Stratus.

What the Stellaris does is perfectly blend tube qualities(smoothness, soundstage, air) with the best SS traits(flat response, hugely dynamic etc.)

I love my Stellaris and will never part with it."

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The DNA Stellaris is sold factory direct.

Contact us for information how to purchase
Tel: 1 310 869 6214
E-mail DNA


Love the sound of silver? Inquire about the Stellaris Special and Silver Stellaris.

Features of the Stellaris Special include:

• Upgraded Audio Note output transformers with 50% nickel cores, copper primary and silver secondary windings

• Audio Note silver tantalum plate-loading resistors

• Custom 41-step TKD stepped attenuator


Features of the Silver Stellaris include:

• Audio Note silver-wound input transformers

• Audio Note output transformers with 50% nickel cores and all-silver primary & secondary windings

• Audio Note silver tantalum resistors for input-transformer loading and plate-loading

• Silver internal wiring

• Duelund CAST silver foil capacitors

• Custom 41-step TKD stepped attenuator

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