The model 2001 is the first-ever turntable from Airtangent of Sweden.


Optimized for linear tracking tonearms this turntable has no suspension but instead a highly sophistically acoustical isolation plinth system.

Non concave platter surface for same VTA over the record radius.

Record clamping system included.

310 mm diameter 10 kg heavy laminated platter made of acrylic and brass.

Ultra precision machined balanced inverted bearing system.

Belt drive via three miniature dc motors for minimal vibration / noise, perfect symmetrical drive / bearing alignment and the highest precision drive.

Battery drive with 40 hours operation without connection to the ac inlet. Self tanking from the ac inlet when so needed.

33 and 45 rpm operation with individual trim potentiometers for speed adjustment.

The three motors have no contact with the armboard / platter plinth other than through the belt. Further the three motors have their vibrations decoupled via spikes which also act as precision adjustments for leveling of the turntable. (Necessary for linear tracking arms.)

Up to three tonearms can be mounted.

Total weight 38 kg.

Stand available as option.

U.S. retail price: $16,000- for table top version

U.S. retail price: $20,000- for floor standing version

Available December 2003

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